Terms of sale
To purchase fill in the form, in case of information request, please send an email
or call our Customer Service, related contacts are shown in the "Contacts" section of our Home Page. The completion of the order requires a payment via Paypal or other payment methods: Cash on Delivery or Bank Transfer. Cash on Delivery payment is for italian territory only, while to receive bank details for bank transfer please write an email to info@bandoleratangoshoes.com .
Once payment has been established and the availability of the item required verified, we will proceed to send it, but if the item should not be immediately available Bandolera Tango Shoes is committed to communicate the approximate date of delivery.

Production of customized shoes
Bandolera Tango Shoes gives the opportunity to order custom shoes for size , height of heels, color, and outsole. Supplements that will be applied in addition of the price of the catalog are as follows:
customized size or heel or bottom (ex. length 38 and width 37, or application of a different height heel, or application of different outsole): Euro 15,00
Customized color (eg: A2 model required in different color than those provided for that model ): Euro 20,00
Production of a single pair of end of serie shoes : Euro 20.00
Standard sizes for women's shoes are 35-40, while men's shoes are 40-45; Bandolera Tango Shoes also produces custom sizes ( including half sizes ) at no extra charge.
Professional interchangeable outsoles: Bandolera also produces cprfessional outsole by specia order, professional outsole which include a part (central to the metatarsal) that is removable and replaceable with parts in different materials, the application of the sole professional provides a supplement of Euro 14,00
Waiting times for each customization are  20/30 working days by the confirmation of the order which has to be sent by email to info@bandoleratangoshoes.com.

Delivery methods
Delivery is by courier, delivery times on the Italian territory are 24/48 hours: no amount is due to the Courier unless otherwise agreed (Cash on Delivery).
Shipping costs are:
€ 9 Cash on delivery or ordinary delivery in Italy
€ 15 delivery to EU countries
Prices shown are for sending one to three pairs of shoes, shipping cost of a larger quantity will be communicated prior to submission.
Costs for shipments to countries outside EU, both single and multiple, will be communicated prior to submission.
Upon receipt of package you should verify the integrity of the packaging.
Bandolera Tango Shoes will not be responsible for any damage occurred by the items after their delivery to the courier and delays on delivery due to it.